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My name is Jamie Cabral and I'm currently conducting research for my dissertation
and the University of Sussex. The title of my project is "Exploring the feelings of safety
and belonging in LGBT Brighton".

I'm looking for participants from any age range to hold interviews and focus groups with.
In focus groups, I would either like groups of individuals of the same sexual orientation
in order to gain a fair representation of that group, or groups containing a diverse mix
of sexualities in order to compare opinions.

During these sessions I will ask questions regarding whether a persons choice to live in
Brighton as a member of the LGBT community has affected their feelings of personal safety
and if they feel as though they belong more in Brighton than other areas. These sessions will
be recorded only for my personal use and all participants will be completely anonymous.

The sessions will be held in an informal setting, such as a pub, bar etc, probably in the Kemp
Town area, or any other location which suits the participants. I wish to hold these interviews
and focus groups as soon as possible and a time and location will be agreed upon further
correspondence with available participants. All participant expenses will be paid for during
the sessions.

Contact info: Jamie Cabral, Mobile: 07814355337; Email: jc310@sussex.ac.uk

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It may be worth you getting involved in the new LGBT safety forum that is restarting. I'm assuming you have also looked at the findings from Count Me In Too research? 

Yes, I have looked at the Count Me In Too project.

Could you tell me a bit more about the LGBT safety forum?

Check out the following upcoming event that should help you with your research: 


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